About Us

This journey was kind of inspired by seeing the movie Limitless (2011)

starring Bradley Cooper in which he played a down-and-out author who had "hit the wall" with acute writer's block when we was offered a little clear pill called NZT-48 and within minutes went from "Joe Average" to having a superhuman brain capable of solving virtually any problem. 

Fantasy? Well... probably yes...and possibly, not completely...after all, we are all about redefining possibility!  Limitless was definitely an inspiration to start down the path of biohacking and neurohacking, the art and science of creating peak performance and body, mind, energy, sex and sleep... 

That led to an extensive journey of experiment with different nootropics supplement products available in the commercial marketplace. We didn't get into the "chemical/pharmaceutical smart drugs" because... quite frankly, it's just not our thing... organic, natural products are the way to go! 

Unfortunately, most of the formulations we tried came up way short, if they produced any result at all... and we tried a LOT...including the most well-brand nootropic supplement brands in the marketplace... and maybe you have as well. If so, you were probably as disappointed as we were. 

Then, we set a specific focused intention to find the closest thing to "the clear pill" (NZT-48) that we could, and almost like magic, we met a genius product formulator who not only had the best product we had ever experienced, but also was able to customize the formulations for us and for each of our clients. And Hallelujah! MasterMind Nootropics was born! 

After months of trials and experimentation (which came after YEARS of experimentation by our formulators), we defined our product line and there we are, ready to offer you what we truly believe is the most outstanding nootropics products available in the marketplace today! 

So, check out our products for yourself, customize your order and give us your feedback because we thrive on that... 

MasterMind Nootropics Customized Nutrition

Our goal is to help you to create the best life experience you can possibly have so you can go out and do great things in the world... because the world needs you... and all those great things still unimagined!